Litigation May Be Ending

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Earlier this year, we reported that the CPVC fire sprinkler litigation in South Florida seemed far from over.  Nordica Condominium Association had just filed an extensive and lengthy complaint naming everyone from the primary product manufacturer to the developer, the general contractor and the fire sprinkler installer.  But that was then, and this is now.  A few months ago, that case was dismissed.

And if that’s a surprise, it also appears that all but one of the original fire sprinkler CPVC lawsuits that we had reported on within the last year and a half have been dismissed as well.  The cases were all very similar with common allegations of faulty design, installation, and inspection of fire suppression systems in hi-rise buildings where failures meant not only leaks but the dangerous loss of pressure in the event of a fire.  The plaintiffs, generally condominium associations, complained of negligence, disregard of life safety issues, and a decrease in property values.

Only one CPVC case seems to remain active and still in litigation in Miami-Dade County.  What was thought to be the next largest construction defect litigation to hit South Florida since the Chinese drywall debacle seems to be ending with a whimper not the bang the plaintiffs’ lawyers had hoped for.

Could be very good news for suppliers and contractors in the fire sprinkler business.