Lawsuits Continue to Spread

Jessica GoldfarbCPVC Class Action Litigation, CPVC Construction Defect Suit

Written by: Jessica A. Goldfarb

cpvc lawsuit
More lawsuits – more parties;

In the last couple of months additional lawsuits were filed, bringing the total number of CPVC related construction defects lawsuits in South Florida up to ten. These include suits brought by Casa Costa Condominium Association, Aventura Marina Condominium Association, Ocean Four Condominium Association, Downtown Dadeland Master Association, The Beach Club Two of Hallandale Condominium Association, Metropolitan West Palm Beach Condominium and One Miami Master Association as well as the original two brought by Wind Condominium Association, and Latitude Condominium Association and the Aquazul Condominium Association suit which we discussed a couple of months ago.

Trump Towers condo association, TDR Master Association, filed a construction defects lawsuit earlier this year but so far is only suing for a laundry list of approximately 100 alleged defects throughout the buildings. However, they have included this statement: “Allied fire sprinkler piping in combination with CPVC piping exist[ing] throughout the property” so that could be an indication that there is more to come on the CPVC front.

This growing group of condos is obviously looking for dollars – and while it starts at the top with the usual suspects – Allied and Lubrizol – everyone in any way associated with the buildings’ fire sprinkler systems is likely to be brought in.

Some of the general contractors and installers named in these new suits include Coastal Construction Company of Palm Beach, Catalfumo Construction, John Moriarty & Associates of Florida, Moss & Associates, Weitz Company, Pavarini Construction, Rodel Fire Protection Systems, Summers Fire Sprinklers, and Red Hawk Fire & Security.