Could This Be End of the Much Publicized CPVC Defect Litigation?

Alexander_BarthetCPVC Class Action Litigation, CPVC Construction Defect Suit

cpvc-lawsuitWhat a difference a few months can make. The original 56 count federal complaint filed against a dozen manufacturers and suppliers of CPVC fire sprinkler pipe in Miami sought class action certification and predicted a sweeping nationwide problem with claims exceeding one billion dollars.

That was then. This is now.

When their motion to amend was denied, the federal class action plaintiffs dismissed their initial case, instead opting to bring individual cases in state court. But multiple cases filed in state court by those same lawyers have now been dismissed, with one of the lead firms withdrawing, citing irreconcilable differences with its client.

What happened?

Apparently the system-wide failures associated with CPVC installations have not materialized, and while the potential issues with CPVC fire sprinkler pipe remain, there just doesn’t seem to be enough “there” there – at least not yet.

At the time of posting this update, the Casa Costa Condominium Association, Aventura Marina Two Condominium Association, Ocean Four Condominium Association, Downtown Dadeland Master Association, Metropolitan West Palm Beach Condominium, Aquazul Condominium Association, One Miami Master Association, and even Wind Condominium Association lawsuits have been voluntarily dismissed.

Quite a stunning turn of events for what was touted as the largest defect litigation anyone had ever seen in this country. More developments to follow, for sure.