CPVC Pipe Contamination The Major Culprit

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CPVC Contamination

CPVC Pipe Contamination

Dr. Duane Priddy, Sr., the founder and CEO of Plastic Failure Labs, a leading provider of plastic consulting and plastic failure analysis, authored a very informative white paper on why CPVC pipes fail. While he outlines several primary causes, from installation practices to manufacturing defects, he makes very clear that CPVC pipe contamination is at the root cause of more than 80{0020d42121ce9ee8372fc2191e9b67512146412db867aa4c51cd1841d7c3dde1} of the reported failures.

Contaminants come in many varieties and affect both the outside and inside of the CPVC pipe. Contact with plasticizes and fire caulk on the outside as well as metal pipe thread cutting oils, sealants and coatings placed on the inside surfaces are all equally problematic. These have been shown to eventually cause failures of varying degrees within the CPVC fire sprinklers pipes.

Dr. Priddy stresses the importance of cleaning metal pipes thoroughly before connecting them to CPVC pipes, not simply through a water flush but a soap and water mixture to properly remove all hydrocarbons.

Installers using CPVC pipe in their installations do well to read what Dr. Priddy has to say.